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Logistics and Transportation

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Cab Log di Noale was founded in 1983 as a company specializing in industrial transport under the name CAB - Consorzio Autotrasportatori Bortolato - the consortium of four businesses for by the four Bortolato brothers). From that time, CAB began the rapid growth that, in a short time, established it in the distribution and transport sector. In order to provide an efficient and professional response to the market's needs, in 1990 CAB decided to expand its business to include warehousing and stocking and, in 1995, dedicated itself to the distribution sector.

Today, Cab Log is a leading logistics company capable of offering its experience and professionalism as a partner in outsourcing projects meeting its customers' every shipping need. Cab Log's equipment and skills allow it to manage the entire distribution process from the receiving of goods to their shipment.

Cab Log and Replica Sistemi: together for an innovativeERP specialized in the Supply Chain

Thanks to its three distribution platforms located in the main areas of Northern Italy, Cab Log is in constant control of Italian deliveries; in warehouses strategically located throughout Northern and Central Italy, all shipments are organized down to the smallest details. Cab Log's professionalism and efficiency are demonstrated by the volume of shipments managed during the year (430,000 shipments in 2007).
Cab Log had always managed the handling of goods in its warehouses through manual entry of the data in the management system; in 1999, Cab Log felt the need of a more functional system that would provide complete warehouse management and control of transport.

  • 15 central warehouse
  • 7 distribution platforms
  • 285.000 m2 areas covered
  • 10 regional transit point 
  • 300 tractors
  • 100 trucks
  • 500 trailers
At Cab Log, the collaboration with Replica Sistemi is seen as a key strategy to enhance our infrastructure and leverage the service level..
Corrado Tacchini. Cab Log Plant Logistics Manager

Installed Products


In 2000, Cab Log took over the management of the warehouse of Nestlé Purina Petcare Italia SpA in Castiglione delle Stiviere, which had already installed the StockSystem software application from Replica Sistemi for the organization and management of all the warehouse's logistical processes.

StockSystem uses automatic identification systems based on barcode and RFID tag technologies and voice recognition system to obtain immediate information about the movement of goods, their location and the direction of the physical flow.

The Castiglione delle Stiviere warehouse occupies a total area of 50,000 m²: so, it found itself with a decidedly large warehouse that manages about 60,000 pallet positions consisting of 15,000 drive-ins, 10,000 positions on the ground and 35,000 on shelves. Every day, this warehouse fills about 500 orders corresponding to, more or less, 10,000 quintals of product shipped. StockSystem manages all the activities of Nestlé Purina's warehouse, from the product database through to shipping.

Thanks to the introduction of StockSystem and, thus, radio-frequency, the completely-automated finished-products warehouse achieved a net improvement over the manual system that it had before computerization.
Given the significant size of the warehouse, 50,000 m², one very significant aspect that made it optimistic about the value of the new StockSystem technology from the very beginning was the complete saturation and optimization of its space.
In fact, there is no unused space at Nestlé Purina but, at the same time, everything is organized and orderly following a logic dictated by the system, which allows the warehousemen to work in total autonomy without the normal chaos one expects when entering a warehouse of this size.

«In the Castiglione delle Stiviere warehouse the performance index went from 100 packages to 195 packages an hour,” says Alberto Giacetti, Cab Log's Distribution Logistics Manager, “and this demonstrates how productivity is clearly improved

After the positive experience of the Castiglione delle Stiviere warehouse, Cab Log understood that StockSystem is the product that meets its needs and decided to also implement it in all its other warehouses: Dolo, Noale, Belluno, Verona, Milan and Tortona; because Replica Sistemi's software is parameter-driven, it was easily adapted to the working method of the warehouse and interfaced with the installed management systems without upsetting the existing supports. After a month of analysis and an accompanying phase of about four months, the first concrete results of the new warehouse management could be seen.

«There are both qualitative and quantitative advantages,” Giacetti continued, “qualitative because there was an immediate improvement in the preparation of orders and a sharp drop in order errors and quantitatively because the greater productivity of using radio-frequency made a significant economic contribution; Cab Log was able to adapt its management policies to the customer: a fundamental factor for handling goods for both multinationals and smaller companies”»

Cab Log understood that even the part dedicated to transport must be organized differently. After a long analysis, it again decided to trust Replica Sistemi by installing ShowTrip, a software application for transport companies that was entirely developed in a graphic environment and designed to manage product shipments.

With ShowTrip, Cab Log was able to manage shipping orders, share information between users, group shipments to optimize trips and assign trips to the most appropriate transport unit; finally, today, the company can control its operations and produce invoices while avoiding redundant information.

During 2013 Cab Log launches an important technology reassessment program to develop a comprehensive ERP solution providing complete management of any service related to warehouse and transportation, introducing also the full integration with accounting and controlling services.

Continuous market changes, in terms of requirements and seamless increasing complexity in 3PL industry, drive on-going investment in innovation. That’s why it was crucial to us driving forward the total integration of the information system: we know for sure that this implementation will lead to improved economic outcomes and top customer satisfaction rating, with KPIs once considered impossible to get. We renewed our trust in Replica Sistemi as we share the same values being similar in terms of structure: specialization, quality, flexibility, effective and timely solutions.

Renzo Bortolato. Cab Log Chief Executive Officer

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