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Boggi Milano since 1939 has worked to create contemporary men's fashion designs taking care of every aspect of the process - from production to distribution - in order to present and promote its own style and quality throughout the world.

The ongoing global growth allows Boggi Milano to develop its services accordingly, from welcoming to style consultation, taking care of any customer and driving him to the complete satisfaction of any style needs.

Boggi dresses the contemporary man: tradition and innovation just like past heritage and future vision, flow and merge into the current style generating today’s elegance.

  • 4,000 sq/m warehouse capacity split into 3 floors racking and storage for garments on hangers, 4 more floors for flat packed garments and 1,500 sq/m for cross-dock capability
  • 14.000 SKUs
  • 19.000 yearly orders fulfilled
  • 1 ML order-picking lines /year
  • 150 stores supplied
Case History Boggi Milano
The adoption of Microsoft Dynamics was a pivotal decision for a company like us pursuing national and international growth. The same goes for the integration between the ERP and WMS, which was central to the overall functioning of our processes . We are satisfied with the results of collaborating with a partner like Replica Sistemi.
Alessandro Pozzi. Director Logistics & Distribution

In 2009 Boggi started pursuing an expansion strategy in Italy and Europe. Supporting this strategy meant having a central logistics base.

First step was building a new warehouse and finding a WMS application. Replica Sistemi was selected as a strategic partner since its offering included both Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP (with fashion-industry specific application “Dyna-Fashion” by DSC Group) and StockSystemEvolution warehouse management system.

Microsoft was the right choice for a company like Boggi that in 2009 was looking for reliable solutions supporting a small-medium enterprise in achieving national and international goals.

Further, StockSystemEvolution was designed to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics Nav via Microsoft Certified interface, so it was easy for Boggi to make a decision on which WMS to choose.

  • ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • WMS StockSystemEvolution
  • 25 handheld Honeywell 9951
  • 2 Honeywell MX7


The implementation project of Microsoft Dynamics NAV started in April 2009 then, in half  a month, also StockSystem WMS was implemented. The two solutions went live on September 2009 and April 2010, respectively.

Today, StockSystemEvolution manages Boggi’s logistics center where goods are sorted and forwarded to the stores: garments, trims, shoes, perfumes, even lamps, paper blocks, banknote counterfeit-detectors, Vip cards...that is, everything for the stores.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables purchase, sales and financial management while StockSystemEvolution provides the full management of warehouse operations up to shipping and reverse logistics.


Garments by Boggi or by third-party suppliers are moved to the warehouse where items are consolidated into individual orders or shipments and distributed to the stores both with picking criteria (goods are put away and retrieved when needed) and cross-docking criteria (pallet received by the supplier and shipped to the store).

StockSystemEvolution provides control over all receiving operations, goods booking-in (accounting/warehouse), putaway, handling, picking and packing operations, truck loading and inventory.

Returns are also managed by the application and faulty goods or unsold “end-of-season” items are then shipped back to other outlet shops.

Certain items are shipped to the stores in plastic instead of carton boxes in order to comply with the environmental impact policy. Plastic boxes are registered too and upon delivery they are returned to the warehouse to be reused. StockSystem enables to control inbound and outbound movements of such boxes.

StockSystemEvolution manages all of the typical fashion industry workflows: garments on hanger/flat packed, weight and volume, sampling, style, colour…

Typically each order is associated with a picking task of an operator without restrictions on the type of goods to get.

Thanks to the web interface between StockSystemEvolution and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Boggi benefits from the management of e-commerce logistics and accounting.

In order to streamline such procedures, StockSystemEvolution enables the operators to get goods from many orders simultaneously and ensures better control and error reduction.


The seamless integration between the two systems resulted in:

  • precise control, better distribution of the workload of all operations carried out by the operators
  • error reduction, better control over goods and stock movements and locations
  • enhanced performance and operations, the statistic dashboard helps point out potential inefficiencies and understand how to empower the whole logistics process
  • productivity and margins improvement, processes have been considerably streamlined and system reliability translates into seamless workflows.
  • Even in case temporary workers are employed, training time is dramatically reduced and workability increased.

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