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Some figures of A.Capaldo SpA

A. Capaldo Spa was established in Atripalta in 1935 and today is one of the italian leading companies in the field of hardware distribution for hardware stores, tools, building materials, outdoor furnishings etc








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In 2005 there were 18.000 items in stock ranging from small to voluminous parts provided by over 1.000 national/foreigner suppliers for the amount of 600 TEUs/year.

Every day 200 deliveries were carried out for more than 3.000 customers which benefitted also from a guaranteed repair service.
Putaway was traditional while warehouse management was still driven by paper.

Main problems can be listed as follows:

  • Complex warehouses with very different types of product
  • diversified warehouses:
  • two warehouses for retail sales, for a total of 10,000 m² for picking and wholesale sales;
  • a 40,000-m² warehouse for picking and proximity stock
  • a warehouse with 40,000 pallet places for out-of-season stock and material reserves;
  • an 8,000-m² warehouse for the management of stock;
  • operational inefficiencies in the warehouse;
  • search for software solutions for the management of all warehouse activities.

At Capaldo’s was clear that inefficiences affected in particular warehouse processes and decided to go through a thorough selection of various vendors offerings to finally choose StockSystem.

The implementation of the standard version of StockSystem involved also Radio Frequency devices for the real-time transmission of data to the Warehouse Management System. Warehouse workforce uses RF devices (mobile barcode readers and scanners) that communicate with the remote Access Points.

Project goals:

  • Growth: in terms of SKUs and volume
  • Error reduction
  • Productivity increase and lead-time reduction
  • More operational flexibility  (more independance in managing customizations)
  • Real-time transactions and information everywhere.
  • Certainty of times and operators.
  • Punctual management of resupplies between warehouses.
  • Punctual management of resupplies between locations of the same warehouse.
  • Real-time warehouse queries.
  • Traceability of materials.
  • Efficiency in the use of warehouses spaces.
  • Simplification of the management of rotating inventory.

StockSystem at first was integrated with the existing IBM’s AS/400 but after some times Capaldo decided to go with Replica Sistemi also for the ERP system.

Relationship's main steps

Replica Sistsemi and Capaldo’s relationship main steps:

StockSystem manages Capaldo’s warehouse through Radio Frequency  

Automated and massive putaway.
Implementation of StockVoice

Migration StockSystemEvolution
Paperless processes
Traceability up to the loading

Implementation of  Pick2LightAIR

Installed Products

  • Voice hardware: 65 Talkman T5 and A%00
  • Handhled devices: 99 Honeywell 9550
  • 11 Bluetooth Zebra printers QL320
  • 82 Display Speedy Pick Air


The first phase covered one year: 2005 / 2006. Two teams were created, one for the WMS, the other for the ERP. 

As for timing, StockSystem and the ERP had two different schedules. At the beginning the idea was to carry out both the implementations at the same time, but StockSystem project was ready after only 6 months analysis, and the definition of the new platform structure on SG400®w4 was quite challenging. 

«II led StockSystem’s team– says Sergio Capaldo – while for the ERP I was the general project supervisor. The project started with the detection of an internal figure with great warehouse processes knowledge, ease in providing information, ability in using PCs,decision-making ability and ability in encouraging participation. We had a hectic schedule during the month preceeding the go-live. Tests to check any single function were performed on an updated database. The go-live was on January, 14 - 2006, so we’re at full capacity since 3 years.The whole system continues to be enhanced with several innovative functionalities run on the field.»

During the second phase Capaldo has implemented the automated storage management; initially it was maintained the paper-mode management but soon dispatch was carried out via RF devices and since 2008 it was implemented the Voice Picking technology. 

Since July 2007 is operating also a silo-plant with AS/RS systems going around the aisles of the static warehouses to drop or pick pallets and single items.

«The installation was carried out together with Replica Sistemi’s analysts and we had no problems at all, I have to admit that every little innovation that we wanted to implement was accepted. I am very satisfied with their support, also because I always get a response no matter the need.»


Massimo Magri, Supply Chain Director A. Capaldo has explained from what Capaldo benefitted most:

  • increased productivity by 70% in dispatch
  • reduced by 95% errors during order picking: 4 errors in 10.000 orders, and going deeper into this you can see they are all quantity errors, thus made by workers.
  • reduced complaints thanks to the traceability ,as actual data cannot be   disputable. As a result also returns from customers have decreased by 20%.
  • Finally the lead-time decreased by 30% so that we ensure 33% of our customers for all orders processed  by 12 AM. the delivery the next day within 8 AM”

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