Case History [ 24 ]
Antonio Capaldo Spa
Hardware and Do-It-Yourself distributor
Capaldo SpA decided to trust Replica Sistemi to handle all its operational and management activities.
Argo Tractors Spa
Argo Tractors Spa manufactures tractors under the brand names Landini, McCormick and Valpadana selected Replica Sistemi’s StockSystem and then StockSystemEvolution, integrated with Radio-Frequency barcode readers to streamline receiving, putaway, picking and checking operations.
BBB Spa - Boggi Milano
Boggi Milano implemented SMA.I.L:) - SMART INTEGRATED LOGISTICS the innovative Software Suite by Replica Sistemi with WMS StockSystemEvolution & ERP Microsoft Dynamcis NAV integrated.
C.C.M.Coop Cartai Modenese S.C.
There's more to it than quality paper
CCM selects StockSystem voice technology for warehouse management. 
Cab Log Srl
Logistics and Transport
The transport specialist puts its trust in StockSystem and ShowTrip

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